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How to Tell Apart the Rolex Explorer and the Explorer II?

The two models we are going to talk about share a lot of similarities, but the Explorer and the Explorer II models are very different Rolex watches. If you have no idea of their difference, let’s read on to find out the answer.
Rolex released the Explorer watch as a tribute to one of mankind’s most significant expeditions in 1953,—Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay’s ascent to the summit of Mount Everest, the planet’s highest mountain. Aptly named the Explorer, the replica watch featured solid stainless steel construction, a highly legible dial, and a waterproof case also resistant to temperature swings. 
In 1971, Rolex launched a new model they dubbed Explorer II. This time around, instead of marketing it to mountaineers, the Explorer II watch targeted spelunkers and polar explorers—i.e. adventurers that spend a lot of time in the dark or in areas with irregular sunlight hours. As such, the Explorer II offered an extra 24-hour hand, a 24-hour marked bezel, and a highly luminous dial so that wearers could always differentiate between day and night hours regardless of their surroundings.
As for functionality, the Explorer and the Explorer II are different a lot. The Explorer is a simple time-only Rolex model with center hour and sweeping seconds hand.
What’s more, the Explorer II includes some other complications. First, there’s a date window at 3 o’clock. Then there’s the extra 24-hour hand on the dial. It’s important to note that on the inaugural Explorer II, the ref. 1655, this extra triangular-tipped hand was simply an AM/PM indicator since it’s synced to the main hour and minute hands.
The Explorer II started its life as a 36 mm Rolex watch and continued as such for decades until the introduction of the ref. 214270 in 2010, when the watch grew to 39 mm. On the contrary, the Explorer II started as a 39 mm fake Rolex watch, then grew to 40 mm with the 16550, and finally grew again to 42mm with the ref. 216570.
The Explorer is decorated with a black dial with 3, 6, and 9 numerals sitting alongside stick/baton indexes. As a matter of fact, this dial design is referred to as the “Explorer-style” dial.
While the first Explorer II ref. 1655 was only available with a black dial, Rolex gave both black and white dials on all subsequent Explorer II references. The extra 24-hour hand started as orange, then Rolex changed it to red before changing it back to orange on the newest version.
No matter which model you prefer, both the Explorer and the Explorer II are Rolex replica watch icons that seamlessly marry utility, durability, and looks.

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The Breitling Samurai Series Replica Watch

There is no doubt that the centerpiece of Breitling’s 2018 Prospex collection is the brand new and very blue ‘Save The Ocean’ series, released in Turtle, Samurai, and solar variants. This popular replica Breitling has teamed up with Fabien Cousteau, who is himself a marine conservationist, to collect funds and awareness for Cousteau’s Ocean Learning Centre. Thus, not only do these popular cheap replica watches look the part, but they also do their part.
Aside from the dial and bezel, this watch is very much identical to its regular release brethren. Therefore, you’re getting the same angular, slightly blocky steel case, with solid proportions of 43.8mm across and 12.82mm tall — with a neatly knurled crown at three and fairly pointy guards. One point of difference between this and the regular Samurai models is that the grippy bezel and crown here have been given a black treatment, which is a nice touch. I have to say that it’s worth addressing the difference between this watch and the Turtle, which is also offered in a Save. And while they both represent different sides of the same coin, to my mind the Samurai is the more conservative, and arguably the more versatile offering.
Here’s where it begins getting fun. As far as Breitling’s limited-edition dials go, this one is pretty out-there, in the best way possible. It’s a graduated bright-aqua-to-almost-black dial, evoking how the sea changes color the deeper it gets. On its own, this is a strong enough look, but Breitling has added some distinctive, organic, horizontal stripes that resemble waves or the distinctive ventral pleats on the jaw of a mighty blue whale.
The Samurai has always been a tank on the wrist, and this feels no different. But it does look different. It’s one of the most interesting modern Breitling watches I’ve worn, and it has that quality that makes you smile when you check the time. As I said above, it’s not the most under-the-radar look, but why should it be?
Adding to the SRPC93K’s overall sense of heft is the 22mm steel bracelet: brushed, utilitarian, with a secure clasp and dive watch extension, in case you actually wear it over a wetsuit. The bracelet is perfectly fine for the price point, but I’d be popping it on something fabric or rubber if I owned this watch, to offset the weight more than anything. I love the fact that any strap changes are comparatively simple, thanks to the drilled lugs.
This best replica watch has managed to capture the spirit of summer. The combination of stylish, knockabout body and bright blue, hypnotizing dial makes for a watch that begs to be worn in the water, and owing to the strong price point, actually wearing it for the purpose it was intended is something you should have no qualms about.

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