Introduction of IWC New Watch

Joking and calling out the famous world war ii aircraft (you can read more about thanks to cole here), while some of IWC’s pilot replica watches can make me a little too serious or a little too bold, fiery people find a balance, nodding to the brand’s past and nailing the classic aviation atmosphere. The Supermarine Spitfire is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful aircraft ever designed, and it’s hard to imagine a better example of the warmth and classic charm of the pilot watch than many of IWC’s counterparts.  iwc-075971_03
With a steel case and a black dial visible in reference to IW387901, the new Spitfire chronograph is 41mm wide and 15.3 mm thick, 51 mm thick. Half lug to lug. Powered by an automatic timepiece built by IWC, the Spitfire timer has a downward spiral crown, a domed anti-reflective sapphire crystal, a 20mm earpiece, and a 6 bar (60 m /192 ft) waterproof capability. This reference comes from an excellent green textile watchband, but the design is so versatile that it could be thrown at you in any way.
The size of the watch is combined with the IWC’s high-quality sport to ensure that the look-out watch is not just a pretty face or one that looks better in a display case than on the wrist.
The attraction of the Spitfire timepiece is straightforward, and its presence is thoughtful, suggesting that the wearer knows something about the fake watch. It is stylish, casual, and detailed, from almost invisible crystals to fine dial finishing and quick action to the timing push, the whole package feels cohesive and very IWC.
One possible aspect of this design, the fact that the entire new spitfire line — which also includes a 39mm three-hander, 41mm copper UTC(second-time zone), and a special edition of the brand’s time zone is the use of mixed tone dial markings. While some combinations of white flecks and tan luminescent elements look nothing more than a “neoclassical” trend, the hybrid tone is a long-standing element in replica IWC’s pilot’s watch design and is an effective callback to the logo XI and its many descendants.
In the beginning, I think I may be more willing to see a full white or whole layout, mix long tan on my body, I think this adds a unique character to the spitfire helps to distinguish it from other packages, especially the IWC now seems (at least temporarily) decided to abandon the use of bright silver dial spitfire family.
Finally, while the car was first shown on SIHH earlier this year with the word ‘Spitfire’ in red on the dial, production models won’t have that logo. While absence is certainly not a deal-breaker, I like to use red on the dial and definitely missed that bit of color on the production version.