New Grand Complications of Patek Philippe

With the cancelation of Baselworld, it could have very well been a year in which Patek Philippe wouldn’t release a single new watch. Fortunately, however, this is not the case, as they bring not one, but three new major complications. Although some are varieties of existing cheap replica watches, they all bring something new that makes them very popular.
The new Ref.5370P-011 will take the place of the Ref.5370P-001, the black dial split-seconds chronograph, which was introduced in 2015 and will now be discontinued. The new model shares the same 41mm large case made from platinum, together with the stunning CHR 27-525 manufacture movement. What is different is the dial. Where the Ref.5370P-001 had a bit of a formal look, due to its black dial, the Ref.5370P-011 is slightly more casual as Patek Philippe opted for a blue dial color. What makes it even more special is that the dial is big rich enamel, giving it more depth and an almost mystical glow. This will no doubt make the watch an instant hit with Patek Philippe’s customers.
Yellow gold was once the standard but has been surpassed in popularity by white and rose gold in recent years. Now the tides are turning, and we see that more and more brands are (re)introducing watches in this color precious metal. Patek Philippe is joining them, as the last perpetual calendar chronograph that was available in yellow gold was the ref.5970J, which they stopped in 2009. The Ref.5270J-001 is the same watch as we already know in platinum and rose gold. However, the combination of yellow gold with silver dial is primarily for a perpetual calendar chronograph by Patek Philippe, a classic one. With this, the brand might further expand the popularity of the Ref.5270, which was at its introduction the first perpetual calendar chronograph by Patek Philippe with a manufacturing movement.
While the previous two fake watches are already very tempting, the third is this even more so. Not only does it combine a tourbillon with a minute repeater, but these complications are also visible through the open-worked dial. Patek Philippe originally created this watch for the Grand Exhibition of last year in Singapore, but now it will become part of the regular collection as in a pretty different color scheme.
The watch is visually spectacular, especially when using a minute hand repeater. Unusually, the case is made of rose gold, but the hollow inlays on the sides and earrings are made of white gold. The slide of the repeater is also made in this way. This provides a sharp contrast, and Patek Philippe also USES this contrast on the back of watches. There, the movement is surrounded by a ramp, but similar to the platinum inlay. This creates an arena-like space in which special movements take center stage, making this watch really the next level.
Wonderful TAG Heuer Brings Connected Watch
Time flies when you’re having fun. It’s hard to believe Tag Heuer has launched its third generation of connected watches. After since it was first introduced, it immediately became a benchmark for the industry. Not only because of its practical use and intuitive control but also because the watch itself can be easily customized to suit your own style. Tag Heuer took this one step further, introducing new styles, interchangeable straps, and some new dials to welcome the arrival of summer.
The 45mm large watch is now available in stainless steel with a ceramic bezel in a wonderful deep blue color. This watch comes on either a stainless steel bracelet or a blue rubber strap. If you prefer more of a stealth look does TAG Heuer also offers the Connected in titanium with a sand-blasted finish and a black rubber strap. For those of us who want a dash more color for the summer months has TAG Heuer expanded their line of interchangeable bands with one in neon yellow and lime green.
TAG Heuer also introduced new dials, which benefit not only new replica watch owners but also existing ones. They named it ‘Helios,’ after the god of the sun from Greek Mythology. Here we see the real power of the smart-watch that the connected watch is, as you can choose for a classic chronograph layout but also add an extra function. With this, you can swap one or more chronograph counters for displays that show the sunrise and sunset times, a second time-zone, or a ten-hour weather forecast.
The date can be seen at the six o’clock position, along with an analog indicator of the power reserve. To be totally in line with summer, does TAG Heuer offer these new dials in four different colors; Dark, peppermint, deep blue, and cherry. With the expansion of Tag Heuer’s range of watches, interchangeable bands, and dials, Tag Heuer has further established itself as a benchmark and ensured that no matter who wears a smartwatch, it can enjoy summer fashion while still being above it all.