Things You Need to Know about Replica Watches in 2019

It’s the greatest time of the year for cheap replica watch heads. Watch fair season is drawing near, and with the year’s releases already coming thick and fast, it’s time to look into my sapphire crystal ball and make a few predictions to new models for 2019
I think that we’ll see the rose and shield brand add to its thriving Black Bay stable this year. Not exactly a wild and unbelievable prediction, but I’m expecting some new variations of the BB dial. The replica Tudor has already dropped a teaser, suggesting an opportunity to triangular hour markers from the familiar rectangles that mark the Black Bay’s quarter hours – just as they did with their fake Submariners in the 1980s. And I wouldn’t be the least surprised to see new colorways for the BB58 or, for that matter, new dial colors all around.
Baselworld was once the biggest and worst watch fair in the world; however, the past couple of years have seen its exhibitor numbers slowly drop, and now with Swatch’s recent departure, the entire industry will be watching, with bated breath, to see what this year holds. It’s not all bad though, and for a large number of the industry’s press, fewer appointments mean more time to explore. I’m expecting big things and surely more coverage of the smaller brands and independents, as they move closer to center stage and take it as their time to shine.
About fifty years ago, the flag was waved at the race to become the very first brand to offer an automatic chronograph. The replica Seiko released the 6139, Zenith the El Primero, and together, Heuer, Breitling, Hamilton (Büren), and Dubois Dépraz co-developed and launched the “Chronomatic” Calibre 11. With this year also marks the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, I’m fully expecting the release of a few complicated wrist timers.
I really like this model. Innovations like the fake Zenith Defy Lab’s silicon oscillator, Hublot’s mastery of case materials, and crazy-thin replica watches like Bulgari’s Octo Finissimo collection are exactly what I live for in this industry. I’ve got my fingers crossed for something incredible again this year. 
Swatch is gone, and there are huge changes ahead, and I don’t think anyone knows just what to expect when they arrive this year. Actually, it looks promising, however, and with the dates for the Basel fair running in concord with SIHH from next year. I really want to see just what the fair’s management will do with the Messe to mark the end of this era. There are some big holes to fill, and I’d love to see just what the collectors have done to make the entire hall better and easier to navigate and enjoy.