Three Very Special Replica Omega Speedmaster

This year is absolutely a very significant one for the Speedmaster – Omega celebrating the steel anniversary limited edition, a platinum caliber 321, and even one with the metropolitan museum of art. Now, we’re working on something different: three Speedmaster monthly replica watches, dial, and folding clasp made of white gold and gold alloy. One is red, another is blue, the third is green, and each with a gemstone marker for timing, and one is a tachometer made of platinum liquid metal. Let’s see. omega omeg-077012_03
Despite having white metal cases, these aren’t the most subdued Speedys that you are likely to come across. For starters, they’re 44.25mm in diameter, and add to that that they come in three vibrant colors with gem-set hour markers. Of the three, the most likely to fly under the radar is the blue version: its blue tachymeter and platinum Liquidmetal moon phase display on a blue ceramic disc feels classic, and while the white gold hour markers are set with baguette-cut diamonds, they manage to be fairly discreet, set against the watch’s sandblasted platinum-gold dial. The green version features two platinum Liquidmetal moons against a green ceramic sky and baguette-cut emerald hour markers, and the red Speedy comes with two platinum Liquidmetal moons on what looks like an ominously red alumina sky. Its platinum hour is inlaid with rubies. But while these bands are platinum bracelets, both are alligator straps that match the color of their dials.
If you look closely at these dials, you will see that they are fine because of sandblasting – even on precious metal dials with precious stones, the phases of the moon still have many greases on every mark, and on the hour, minute, and second hands. If you look closely at the 9 o ‘clock dial, you will find that it has a tiny magnifying glass to magnify the printed date scale.
The movement powering all three Speedmaster Moonphases is the replica Omega cal. 9905, an automatic column-wheel chronograph decorated with a co-axial escapement that has been Master Chronometer certified by METAS. As with all fake Omega Master Chronometer-grade movements, it boasts several desirable attributes beyond its chronometer rating, and these include being greatly resistant to magnetism and the use of a silicon balance spring. The signed rotor and balance bridge are made from Omega’s proprietary 18-karat gold alloy, Sedna, which combines gold with smaller amounts of copper and palladium. Apart from its namesake moon phase display, cal. 9905 also has indications for the date and small seconds, all together with the elapsed chronograph time, including hours and minutes.
These three fake watches are all 44.25mm in diameter, and they are made out of a combination of platinum and gold, so there is some serious wrist heft going on. However, I think it’s important to point out that they don’t seem to be overdressed. It’s no secret that there are quite a few speed masters out there. But I think what is sometimes overlooked is how fundamentally good Speedmaster’s design is.