A valuable cheap watch model of Rolex replica appeared in Antiquorum auction

At the Hoyt Building in New York on September 30th, Antiquorum is offering a historic Rolex model, which is known as 1665 Sea-Dwellers. As you may hear, this watch previously belonged to the famous documentary filmmaker and oceanographer Philippe Cousteau, who is the second son of the legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau as well.
The Rolex Sea-Dweller is one of the most significant diving timepieces designed in the second half of the 20th century. The cooperation with diving professionals and government agencies guided Rolex to introduce the first-ever use of the helium gas escape valve in a wristwatch. This revolutionary design enabled the replica watches to have the capability to withstand great underwater pressure while maintaining the functionality and integrity of timekeeping. The Ref. 1665 Sea-Dweller went through several revisions and iterations to perfect the design as the best diving watch during its development, which allows many of the deepest diving missions. As an iconic model, the Sea-Dweller has become highly collectible; the most coveted being the very earliest examples.
The instance offered in Antiquorum’s September auction bears one of the earliest serial numbers (1’602’920) of this reference ever recorded. This places the cheap replica watches in the era of Single Red Sea-Dwellers, of which only six are known to exist.
Philippe started diving at the tender age of five after his birth in 1940, with his father’s invention, the aqua-lung. At the age of seven, he was already a professional sea diver. As he grows up, he started to travel around the world, learning about distinct cultures and witnessing the advancements made in the science of diving.
Andrew Horton, Thomas’ son, vividly recounts his early childhood memories about his father and the Cousteau family which can be read in a letter that accompanies this lot. After having worn the cheap replica watch for 10 years, Philippe gifted it to Thomas Horton who was a close friend and collaborator of the Cousteau family. Jaques Cousteau is awarded the Palme D’Or at Cannes in1956for drawing attention to the amazing world of underwater life in the movie The Silent World.
With an insatiable passion for the sea, Philippe Cousteaunaturallybecame the lead photographer on many of his father’s expeditions on the oceanographic research vessel the Calypso. As well, he produced numerous crucial documentaries about underwater life alongside his father in addition to his own television series on environmental issues. However, sadly, in 1979, due to a tragic plane accident near Lisbon, his life was permanently sopped.
So there you have it. The all-purpose-and-sufficiently-high-end timepiece is the Rolex Sea-Dwellers, stunning, sensational, and superb. Now, the only question is which version is for you? Have fun shopping. As always, the fun is in the search. In my opinion, Cheap Rolex is made with supreme quality and uses the most accurate and robust movement on Earth. They are made to the highest standards.