Luxury Breitling Navitimer Re-Edition Replica Watch

It’s difficult to find a replica watch enthusiast who doesn’t like the Breitling Navitimer reissue, which is a limited edition watch that’s faithful to the original. The now-iconic Breitling Navitimer was released back in 1952, and shortly after that, in 1959, the Ref. 806 was launched. Aesthetically identical, the reissue also includes a 41-millimeter-wide steel dial with a non-aopa wing logo. The interior is modern, with an internal reprint of the Breitling B09 sport-powered.  
The look of the faithful retro navigation timer, coupled with the practical convenience of modern sports and case-making techniques, leads to a very inviting package. While I won’t worry too much about missing out, as when discussing the new in-house manual wind B09 campaign, Breitling’s rep says it will “power many other hand-wound history reprints. ” ”
This popular watch is another factor in figuring out how Georges Kern’s era of Breitling is shaping up. Within one year we have seen the Navitimer 8 create a whole new lane for the collection, while pieces like this re-edition are firmly staking the flag of pride in heritage — much as how the Superocean Heritage collection can exist in tandem with, and actually complement, the Superocean Automatic collection. Kern decided there’s no need to choose between relying on heritage and creating new products, and he is ushering the fake Breitling into what could be its best era in some time.
The box is 41mm wide and 12. 86mm thick, the serial number 806 1959 reprint faithfully adheres to something that other brands may have been tempted to “upgrade” and, as a result, destroy their products in their hearts. Fortunately, the Breitling replica focused on the ball and kept the clamped steel shell, rather than falling into the temptation of the exhibition shell. Interestingly, they also chose to use an old-fashioned plexiglass dome crystal over sapphire (which is used in virtually all modern luxury fake watches).
There are three timekeeping dials, benchmarking fixed ring dials and, of course, benchmarking moving dials operated by bi-directional bezels, all of which make for an informative and endearing dial. Many people use the trite phrase ‘busy’ when they vaguely criticize dials for not the following minimalism, but I think the replica watches that USES design economics to communicate as much as possible clearly is as laudable as Navitimer’s.