New Rolex GMT-Master, Air-King & Slew of New Dial Colors

There were rumors that the GMT-Master II would be getting an update – mostly around a new Coke-style bezel. And here’s what we got: a never-before-seen two-way bezel in green and black. Of course, Rolex updated the bezel with Cerachrom, the brand’s proprietary ceramic that’s notoriously tricky to use in both colors. But what we never really expected from this update was the new crown configuration, which has been moved to the left side of the case for the first time. With it comes the date and Cyclops lens, now located at 9 o’clock rather than 3. Looking at this fake watch, you really have to look twice, don’t you? The move is more than just an aesthetic adjustment, however, as it entails a series of technical adjustments to the chronometer-certified movement.
In addition, replica Rolex has launched a special gem-set version of the Yacht Prestige 40 in 18K white gold to celebrate the collection’s 30th anniversary. Although not a regular offering, this particular model is truly stunning with its bezel set with diamonds, pink and blue sapphires inspired by the Aurora Borealis, and the glow of dawn.
Just like before, the new Rolex Deepsea is available with either a black dial or the iconic blue and black “James Cameron” dial. Apart from that, the new Deepsea 136660 is still powered by the Cal. 3235 movements and offers the same depth rating as its predecessor. With the exception of slightly updated case proportions and a new reference number, the new 2022 Rolex Deepsea is essentially the same as its predecessor.
As a matter of fact, Rolex is releasing dozens of new watches today – the above are just the most talked about so far. However, a few other perfect replica watches have caught our attention, including the new Day-Date model. The icy blue platinum model is really cool, and it represents the first time the brand’s signature fluted bezel has been crafted from solid platinum. As such, it also means that domed bezels are no longer an option for the Day-Date line, with all models now featuring fluted or gem-set bezels, regardless of their material.
However, Rolex has also introduced an interesting range of dial colors to choose from, from pink opaline and blue-black mix to meteorite and green. Have you also seen the platinum Day-Date with its diamond-patterned dial and rainbow hour markers? We couldn’t take our eyes off it! There’s also a President in 18K yellow gold with an onyx dial that looks incredible.
Back to the Datejust – there’s a new floral motif in silver, olive green, and grey-blue that’s worth noting. The fluted dial is also a highlight, available not only in green but also in blue and gray. We really like this new option – it gives a classic but elevated feel in a perfect way.