Newly Established Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

You must have a unique affinity for the replica Audemars Piguet if you know something about Champ. And like many others, that fondness for the Swiss manufacturer started with nothing more than some pictures found online.
Several years later, an unexpected trip led to an unforgettable visit to the AP factory and it wasn’t long before he returned to pick up his Royal Oak 15400 with boutique blue dial. Still, the fire burned. And soon after he was back at the birthplace of the original luxury sports CHEAP replica watch; only this time, it was to pick up this one, the amazing fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak “Jumbo” Extra-Thin 15202.
I first heard about it back 7 years ago, when it was released for the 40th anniversary of the Royal Oak. I had been daydreaming about it ever since, but, I don’t have enough fortune to pay for that.
I had the privilege of meeting the CFO of AP and other AP associates when I went to Baselworld just last year. We got along so well that I’ve kept in touch with them, and every time I have been to Switzerland since then, I’ve visited the fake AP headquarters. In September, they told me that a Royal Oak “Jumbo” Extra-Thin (15202) would be ready for me when I visited next, and I was so excited that I instantly booked tickets and took my wife to Croatia; on the way back home we picked up the 15202.
The elegant replica AP really looks after their clients, whether you’re purchasing an entry-level or a half-a-million-dollar watch. They take every customer the same, which I loved. AP took my wife and me to lunch at the restaurant ‘Bellevue le Rocheray’ next to the beautiful Lac de Joux before presenting the watch to me. After lunch, they took us back to the AP headquarters and presented the watch in a private room. They even gave my wife an AP present. Their wonderful customer service is one of the many reasons I prefer AP so much.
I have always liked and wanted the 15202, and as it’s not readily available in Australia, it made my decision much easier.
It feels amazing on the wrist. It’s so light compared to my 15400 blue dials; it’s actually scary at times because it doesn’t feel like it’s there. And even though it’s smaller than my 15400, at 39mm, it’s so well balanced that it’s a perfect fit for my wrist.