Perfect Rolex GMT-Master Pepsi For Magnum P.I.

In 1980, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas were trying to cast Raiders of Lost Ark. At the top of their list for the lead role was actor Tom Selleck, who consistently outshone all others in auditions. The network has a contract with Selleck for a new series, and Spielberg can’t have him. The series, of course, is G.I. Joe – the role of Indiana Jones is played by another person.  Rolex GMT-Master
So, why is the fake Rolex GMT-Master the perfect Magnum, P.I. watch? For starters, it’s a watch that matches competence and rugged charm with a little whimsy and color. It’s a 100-meter water-resistant dual time zone watch on a steel bracelet, so it keeps up well in the surf spray while tracking time on the continent. It’s the epitome of a tool watch, but the red and blue keep things from getting too serious. Because no matter how much ass Magnum kicks, he does it with a smile on his face.
Focusing on the watch for a moment, there has been some debate about the model worn by the Rolex GMT-Master Magnum. For years, the word on the street was 1675 – a variant of the classic matte dial produced from 1959 to 1980. After some investigation, we can say with confidence that it is in fact a reference 16750.
There are two details that explain why this is a GMT-Master 16750: the crown guard and the order of the dial hands. In 1675, the 24-hour hand is at the bottom, closest to the dial. Secondly, the crown guards on the 16750 are quite different from other replica Rolex GMT-Master models. They are significantly higher and rise above the crown. The 1675’s crown, on the other hand, occupies a more prominent position and the crown escutcheon is much shorter.
In a flashback to the season 4 premiere episode, a young Thomas Magnum swims in the ocean with his father. While in the water, his father takes the time to time his son’s swim while taking a moment to reference the watch. The camera is glued to the GMT 16750 with its matte dial, Pepsi bezel, and bright white markers. There’s no patina on this replica watch, folks. Of course, a little skepticism is in order here. If you do the math, the 16750 wasn’t even produced when Magnum was a little boy.
Today, as the value of this model has risen, you’ll find versions with faded bezels in all sorts of funky colors and heavy patina on the markers. It has been flooded, buried in sand, taken an unknown number of hits, and never had a problem. It is called Pepsi because the bezel color is the same as the Pepsi logo. I personally think the red matches the Ferrari and the blue matches the lagoon and sky of Hawaii.”