Popular replica hublot big bang sang bleu limited edition


Our market is filled with legendary stories. before you read out my speech here, you may have known something about noob and J12 factories. actually, yes, I admit that these big watch factories have made a lot of high-quality replica watches. for instance, noob makes good quality Rolex submariner replicas, the latest version of a submariner is v7, J12 factory manufactures 1:1 cloned Audemars Piguet with movement close to the original ones. however, there are some small factories you have never heard of before, they indeed exist and have sensitive marketing sense. these factories usually specialize in one field, for example, v factory, which makes the famous Daytona paul woman and double red sea-dweller, only deals with vintage Rolex replicas. the replica Hublot sang bleu watch we are going to discuss today, is made by t factory, which is a manufacturer only produces the latest and most unique watches that are just released in the watch market.
fake Hublot never posted such a strange watch in their big bang series before. what I remember is, the most unique collection from Hublot belongs to its limited-edition models. this watch is a limited edition created by a special person Hublot cooperated with as well. of course, you may find that the replica has a large difference with genuine, but on movement stability and case building, the replica is moderate. it is not a top replica, but the quality is perfect enough to make the watch last for one and half a year.

the photos showed to have no access to know how to read the time because there is no hand on the dial like other common Hublot replica watches. the most outer octagonal plate is for hours display, the middlemost plate is running for seconds display, actually, you can tell them easily just by observing the 12-hour and 60-minute scales. as a matter of fact, I do not think the dial design is tattoo-inspired, I see it is like a running start.
the case, which is measured to be 45mm in diameter, is made of 316l stainless steel and features a thick coating of black PVD. the case also has some special white patterns that are echoing with the dial plate frames. the bezel is different from another replica Hublot, this one uses a hexagonal bezel.