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In our latest series, we explored the most significant and popular fake watch brands.
Therefore, anyone who wants to expand his watch collection needs to notice it and own the new and vintage models.  rolex-078733_03 rolex-078733_05 rolex-078734
Rolex is not only one of the most recognizable and powerful global brands in the past century; the privately held, Geneva-based watchmaker is also responsible for many of the most significant improvements in modern watch-making history.
The company launched the first waterproof watch, which was the first to earn chronometer precision certification for a wristwatch, and created the first watch with a changeable date in the dial.
Rolex cheap replica watches in their purest sense have always been designed and built to complement specific tasks or professions. a submarine is called a submarine because it’s a dive watch, the Daytona is a racing chronograph, and the explorer was made to survive years of beating in hard environments and still get the job done.
for all these reasons, a Rolex is a great place to kick off a watch collection. as well as being publically tough and reliable, it is an agreement to their design that many of the models have been tweaked only very subtly since the pieces were first introduced.
Providing many histories in a rather simple-looking watch, the explorer is often seen as a purist’s Rolex. initially launched in 1953, it has no date, a 100m water resistant case, a screw-down crown and comes with a cost certified in-house movement bringing together every essential attribute that makes a Rolex a Rolex, it’s a triumph of undecorated practicality.
The older models come with their simple black dials, and a case size of 36mm is understated, laid back, and enduringly stylish especially when fitted with a nylon nato strap. the new edition for 2016 is larger at 39mm, has paraflex shock absorbers, and a healthy application of chroma light lume that emits a blue glow even in the dark. new or vintage, the explorer is a great everyday watch that will take on its own personality over time, and will definitely outlast you.
Developed at the demand of pan American airways to offer its crews a dual time watch in the mid-1950s, the GMT master features a bi-directional two-tone bezel for easy indication of day versus night when used across different time zones. the original red and blue bezel (affectionately known as the ‘Pepsi bezel) marks the GMT as one of the most distinctive travel and sports watches around.
It’s an iconic, legendary watch with a timeless design that’s evolved subtly since it was originally introduced back in 1963. the Cosmograph Daytona is a simple chronograph that’s made to be worn daily. it has a robust self-winding movement housed in a tough-as-nails’ oyster’ case that’s built to last generations.
The new Cosmograph with black cerachrom bezel was one of the standout hits of this year’s baselworld replica watches fair, but it is on the vintage market that Daytona really comes into its own. steel Daytona models in rare configurations from the 1970s and earlier have a cult following amongst collectors, prized for their classic looks, versatile styling, and high resale values. problem is that they’re not easily obtained.