What should you do with the watches you inherit?

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Occasionally, my friends and even random people send me pictures of their inherited watches. Since I like replica watches more than they do, they ask me about what they are dealing with and what they should do with it. I think that the last question is a very personal decision, but you have some options.
When I started getting these questions, I wasn’t too surprised that people were asking me what type of watch they inherited. I understand that not everyone will immediately recognize certain watches, and I understand their concerns about authenticity.
But before you consider keeping or selling a watch, knowing what you’re dealing with is good. And, maybe you don’t have a imitation watch geek around you as my friend does. In that case, where do you go to find more information?
I would choose to have the movement serviced and then wear the watch out again. Wouldn’t it be nice to look at your wrist occasionally and reminisce about the good times you had with the person who owned it? However, the service is not free and you should evaluate if the watch is worth the price. To do this, you also need to know the watch’s value. But the value of the watch is not only related to the service. It is also interesting.
Another option is to visit a nearby clone watch store and see if the people there can help you. This may also help if in the end, you can’t figure out the brand of the watch or the specific reference. Just be careful that they don’t tell you the watch is worthless, buy it from you for pennies on the dollar, and then sell it for what it’s actually worth. Always try to get multiple opinions before concluding.
If the watch was worth much more, things might be different. But I think you also have to be interested in the watch to keep them. Not everyone is as interested in replica watches as I am, and not everyone has that good of a relationship with their parents or grandparents. If you don’t like watches and don’t have any special attachment to the watch you inherited, then you should sell them.
If you know a fake watch enthusiast or two, make sure you let them know about it. The dealer you sell the watch to is likely only interested in the money it brings in. However, selling it to an enthusiast will ensure that the watch is well taken care of.