Amazing TAG Heuer Monaco “King of Darkness”


Earlier this summer, the 2022 Grand Prix in Monaco was a general Formula 1 race. TAG Heuer celebrated this event with a special vintage edition of the replica TAG Heuer Monaco Classic called “Dark Lord”. The vintage watch is named after the black PVD coating on its iconic square steel case. This new watch is officially called the TAG Heuer Monaco Special Edition for the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix. But as I said in the introduction to this story, I’ll stick with the Black Lord.
I had the opportunity to attend this year’s Grand Prix and replica watch TAG Heuer brand ambassador Max Verstappen finished third in the race. Of course, he stood on the podium with a fresh Dark Lord on his wrist. But he wasn’t the only ambassador I had the pleasure of meeting in one of the craziest and most luxurious cities. In addition to releasing the watch, TAG Heuer also announced a new ambassador at the same time, joining the likes of Patrick Dempsey and Ryan Gosling. tag heuer replica watches
Once we got that out of the way, we turned our attention to the watch. To my delight, Elordi – who himself wears the recently announced Dark Lord – had immediate thoughts on Monaco and its impact on his feelings about being an ambassador for the brand for the first time.
The most exciting thing I found about this watch is its lightness. The case is made of grade 5 titanium, then DLC coated to give it a black aesthetic. At 39mm in diameter, the case looks much more significant and may be a challenge for some wrists – but when you want a rigid, square watch like Monaco, you know what you’re getting into too.
In terms of pure looks, TAG Heuer made sure to add as much colour and texture as possible without sacrificing the all-black appeal that hardcore TAG Heuer people are looking for. As I pointed out in my first post, in many ways, the beautiful design on the dial takes this cheap replica watch out of the realm of reproduction altogether and into more of a tribute. Seeing this metal watch reinforced my thoughts. The texture on the dial’s outer edge and the rose gold accents elevate this watch into modern territory. It is a conceptual Dark Lord, but the brand makes sure it has its differentiating factor.
That’s what makes this watch so unique in its own right. It celebrates one of the most important Formula 1 races in one of the most luxurious places on earth but still maintains its dark edge. Any watch that can do that should be free to feel like itself with some shiny rose gold accents.
In the end, I still think it’s primarily a Dark Lord, even if this new piece has its own identity and style. The roots are there. So, what does Dark Lord mean to me? Well, I guess that’s a controversial debate. But, when I heard the name Dark Lord and saw the watch – there was only one image in my mind.