Clean factory launches new Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona watches

Due to the closure of Noob, Clean was the boss of the super clone Rolex Daytona market until the emergence of the BT factory. Not all “AAA” grade replica watches can be called super clones when it comes to super clones. Super clones must meet three criteria, a well-known major manufacturer produces one, two is priced over $500, and three is the movement must be the first of its kind. In the past, Clean factory only produced two Panda Daytona models; many people bought them. There was no other competitor at that time, so Clean didn’t bother to improve these two models, even though they had obvious defects; a few months ago, BT factory saw this opportunity and seized it; they developed many Rolex Daytona models at once, all of them were super clones, so, Clean felt the pressure, and they were afraid that their customers would choose BT to buy it. Hence, a few weeks ago, Clean improved their Panda Daytona and released a new model – Gray Daytona with rubber bands; what is its quality? We’ve discussed it before on my blog.
After the gray Daytona, the new model to be released by the Clean factory is the yellow gold Daytona with rubber bands, which is the best yellow gold Daytona replica watch I have ever seen. The gold tone is very natural and looks closest to the genes. The gold looks too yellow on either the QF or the New N Factory Daytona. This Clean fake Rolex Daytona also has better details on the dial, especially the three small hands, which have nicely finished edges that don’t just look flat. The only bad thing is that Clean doesn’t offer an extra small rubber strap for this watch, so you’ll need to remove the strap first and cut it short if it’s too long.
I still think the Clean factory Daytona is the best on the whole market; otherwise, Clean wouldn’t have the guts to sell it at such a high price, which is a bit higher than the BT factory price. Clean’s Daytona is much better than what Noob used to make. Some people are still looking for Noob replicas, and I don’t want to say anymore; this factory is closed and won’t offer watches anymore. It is a gold Rolex Daytona, and everyone will be blown away by the quality, whether it’s the finish of the case, the detail of the dial, the movement, or the rubber band, they are 1:1 clones of the originals. Without getting into too much good stuff or how high quality this watch is, you need to buy one and feel it for yourself. Some guy bought a AAA replica for $100 or $200 and thought it was the best because the replica was really good, but when I presented him with such a super clone, he didn’t believe me and thought the watch was overpriced.
By the way, the case thickness varies from 12.3 mm to 12.5 mm; each one is different but no thicker than 12.5 mm. One last thing, tell your dealer to do a good job on quality control; some small details need to be checked carefully, like the central stopwatch hand, the Rolex crown marker at midnight and the Rolex crown logo engraving on the inner bezel, all three must be aligned in a line.