Limited Replica Watch Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Oro Rosso PAM 717

Considering their military history and decades of design language, the Panerai Luminor watch is typical of a black dial and oversized Luminor hour indicators. Today, however, Panerai is offering more luxurious versions, with solid gold cases and colorful dials. Sometimes, Panerai takes the exclusivity factor a step further by offering boutique exclusives. Today, we take a closer look at the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Oro Rosso PAM 717, designed for Istanbul boutiques. Panerai watches for sale pane-077446_03
The Luminor Base 8 Days Oro Rosso PAM 717 is a 44mm buffer case with Luminor’s iconic lever-operated crown guard protector, which can be pushed into the case to seal the best replica watches. While 44mm isn’t a small watch (especially considering the crescent-shaped bridge added to the serpentine crown), in the Panerai world, 44mm is in something in the middle. Nevertheless, like most Panerai watches, the PAM 717 is impressively comfortable for its size.
The case is similar in shape to the Luminor Base PAM 560 watch. But the PAM 717 is made of 18-karat red gold or “Oro Rosso” in Italian, not steel. According to Panerai, the brand uses a special red-gold alloy with a deep red copper color and a small amount of platinum to prevent the color from fading away
The dial is in the astonishing blue color of the rising sun – this Panerai dial is not common as it is usually black. Actually, the blue dial is only available on Panerai boutique editions. The Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Oro Rosso PAM 717 was launched in 2016 for the Luminor Base boutique in Istanbul, Turkey. This Luminor PAM 717 is limited to 51 pieces.
To match the blue dial, the Panerai Luminor Base 8 Days Oro Rosso PAM 717 comes with a blue alligator strap with light white stitching and red gold buckle.
From the back of the sapphire case of the replica watch, we can see the internal the p.5000 manually-wound movement, which was first released in 2013. As the “8 days” label on the dial indicates, the caliber P.5000 provides the user with 8 days of power storage.
For fans of precious metal replica Panerais, Luminor Base 8 Days Oro Rosso PAM 717 has a lot of selling points. The combination of red gold and rising sun blue was very attractive, and we liked the way Panerai chose to stick to a familiar case outline and dial layout for this specific reference, without adding anything else. In fact, because of its limited-edition status, it is a work rarely seen in the wild.